Or at least trying to.  This seems to be the goal of the Obama administration.  To be involved in or connected to MORE INCIDENTS OF CORRUPTION.

But I suppose we should not be surprised.  After all, Obama chose Clinton as one of his advisors.  Many Americans, from both sides, voted for Obama, thinking maybe he will be the one that breaks the mold, maybe he will be the one that cleans our government up, maybe he will be the one that gives America true transparency.

But we were all disappointed , when he turned out to be just another clinton .

Too, too bad.

My first post. I envy all of you.

I am amazingly versed in everything in the universe, and you my friends, are in for a hell of a treat.

Lets talk about America today.  Our country has evolved into something that our forefathers would never have planned or imagined.  When they planned America, they saw our government as an entity that GOVERNS FOR THE MAJORITY.  With democrats in office, THEY ALWAYS PENALIZE THE MAJORITY ,  for the benefit of the few.  In America today, there is way too many minority groups, with their hands out.  Always asking our government, I mean us, to pay more in taxes for their benefit.  Everyone in our country, CAN’T BE  IN THE MEDIUM INCOME GROUP.  Some will always be lower, some will always be higher, and unless we want to live in a socialistic society, like the Clintons would like, WE MUST EARN OUR WAY INTO EACH GROUP.  YOU AND ONLY YOU, are responsible for the group you are in.  Luck plays a part in some lives, but for the great majority of us, what we do or what we have done is the reason we are what we are.  Don’t blame other people.  Don’t blame the rich.  Don’t expect our government to support your life.